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Horse trainer.I paid over $12,000 to this person to train my horse.

When my employee showed up to pick up my horse, she was hairy (show horses are supposed to have slick hair coats), her hooves were horribly cracked, and she had hardly been ridden. I went to this person because of their national reputation. Extremely disappointed. To add insult to injury (I had always paid on time), he refused to release my mare until I wire transferred the final payment to his bank account.

I feel he was fraudulent in his representation of his work, and he wasted one year of my horse's life sitting turned out. In addition, my horse has marks on her back feet - apparently she had been wearing something like a kick chain on her hind feet.

Since coming home and being ridden and properly turned out, she has not exhibited this behavior.Very angry.

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Who's fault is this?Well, as the owner, it's your fault, not the trainer's.

It is ultimately your responsibility as the owner to be sure that your horse has the proper training and care. So, you did not ever check on your horse for a year?

And now you're complaining?You dropped the ball.


This must not be the Robbie Boyce that trained in Texas up until recently. I had cow horses with him for years and they always got the be of care.

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